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Hello, World!

My name is Mazen, I’m 25 & I’m from Alexandria, Egypt. I know that when you think of Egypt all you’re thinking of are the camels, The Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and the big temples in Luxor and Aswan, but I swear we’ve come along way since then 😂😂

I’ve graduated from the MIS department back in 2016, and now I’m pursuing a carrier as a Front-end Web Developer, I’ve recently joined a 3-month code camp, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to give back, share my knowledge and experiences and also to practice the Feynman Technique. I’ve also made a GitHub repo where I’ll be sharing my notes from lectures, I plan to keep adding to it even after the code camp because I’m sick of having my notes scattered all over the place on my laptop, so I thought this will be a good way to have more structure.

One last thing, although I’ll write mostly about tech/web related stuff, this won’t be a tech blog entirely, I’m not sure yet what else should I be writing about but whenever someone is talking about only one topic and won’t let go of it I get turned off and mute them. My money is on book reviews, life experiences and career related advices 🤞🤞 let’s wait and see If I’ll even have time to write a second post 😂

I think that is why I preferred Medium to other alternatives like DEV Community or Hash node, life has more to it than just code or like my imaginary friend like to say

I think that’s all for today, now I’ll go back to studying JavaScript … ciao

Edit: I discontinued working on the repo, I found it to be useless, whenever I was stuck with a problem I’d either google it or look it up on stack overflow. On very rare occasions, I’d check it up on my repo. Either when I know precisely what I’m looking for or If I wrote some similar code example. I no longer believe in writing notes as a way to study programming to begin with. It’s good for other subjects like Poetry, Biology or History but not programming.



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